OEC buys Out-of-Service cables

OEC buys Out-of-Service cables

OEC acquires Telegraph, Coaxial and Fibre-Optic subsea cables, both Deep-Sea and Shore-End, for the purposes of recovery. By doing so, we free up space on the ocean floor for new cables on proven routes.

Turn-Key Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions

OEC offers cable owners a suite of decommissioning options for Subsea cables tailored to their needs and obligations, including taking over whole cable systems including all risks and liabilities.

OEC sells recycled products

OEC sells recycled products

Through the operational procedures of subsea cable recovery, dismantling and recycling, OEC returns the materials with renewed value back into industrial use as secondary raw materials. All of our recycled materials are of the highest quality, providing a viable alternative to virgin materials. 

What we do

About Us

Oceanic Environmental Cables GmbH

Oceanic Environmental Cables GmbH (OEC), headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, overlooking the historic port, is Europe’s first cable recovery and recycling company offering sustainable end-to-end solutions for the Out-of-Service subsea cable industry. With an international team across London, Seville, Amsterdam, Hanoi, and Singapore, we combine global reach with local expertise.

Our Mission: A Circular Economy for Subsea Cables

Since 2021, OEC has pioneered a unique, carbon-free, and patent-pending recycling methodology. We dismantle, separate, and sort all components of Telegraph, Coaxial, and Fiber Optic cables, meeting all present and foreseeable future European environmental standards. In 2022/2023, we acquired over 45,000 km of cables globally, including extensive networks in the Mediterranean.

Minimum Waste, Maximum Value

We recover and recycle all cables, repeaters & spare units, repurposing or remanufacturing them back into the value chain. By doing so, OEC creates a complete circular economic model, minimizing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Committed to the Highest Standards 

OEC keeps up to date with the latest marine and terrestrial environmental and procedural standards, guaranteeing to comply with them in the execution of our services. OEC is a member of the International Cable Protection Committee, and our approaches and compliances with the highest international standards.

OECs methods of recovery and recycling Out-of-Service Cables is vital to lay the basis of a full circle economy for the subsea telecommunication industry. By offering up-cycled secondary raw LDPE, HDPE, copper, aluminum and steel materials instead of mining and manufacturing virgin materials, OEC saves over 60% of Green House Gas emissions for all partners and clients involved in their respective areas in the circular economy.  


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